Welcome Back to ARCHES!

Welcome Back to ARCHES!

We are thrilled to open our doors to students for the 2021-2022 school year at ARCHES Academy! A new school year always comes with new growth. So, along with a little bit of rest and rejuvenation, our staff has been working hard this summer to better serve our students and families in this upcoming year.

We’ve asked for and listened to your feedback and have taken action to make our school the best it can be for everyone in our ARCHES community. Here are a few of the changes we’ve made to improve both our offerings and outcomes for our new year together:

After School Clubs

We are working to provide a variety of fun clubs for students to enable them to dive deeper into their specialized interests and hobbies. Some of the topics we are looking at include Scouting, Music, Art, Gardening, Animal Science, Community Service, etc. We are also still open to your suggestions. Be sure to let us know what you are most interested in!


ARCHES will be implementing more ways to access and use the technology we have here on campus, including adding Minecraft for Education and Accelerated Reader, as well as expanding the use of Moby Max and Khan Academy. We will support using technology to implement lessons and plan presentations, among other projects. Students will be learning more and more about how to use technology while practicing using it!

Parent Advisory Council

Our Parent Advisory Council did not get off the ground last year due to a need for more participants. We are committed to developing a thriving PAC group this year. The committee will take on events and special projects, as well as counseling with school staff for ongoing changes needed around campus. Please let us know if you are interested in participating so we can ensure you get all the details for meetings.


ARCHES has already acquired some new-to-us equipment for the playground (thank you to the helpful parents that supported this project!). We are now working with another group of parent volunteers to prepare the playground to receive it. We also are planning to add a new equipment storage cabinet on the playground and stock it with more balls, jump-ropes, hoops, cones, and other materials for use at recess and PE.


Several new happenings have made it possible to start providing a hot lunch program here at the school as well as breakfast. We have chosen an amazing local caterer who is committed to providing a variety of healthy meals at NO COST to families. All you have to do is sign up for which meals your child would like to receive from school.


By now, you have probably seen the big buses in front of the school! We are so happy to begin busing service right at the start of the new school year. Routes have been designed to maximize availability for families and timeliness. Just tell us where you need your child(ren) picked up or dropped off and we can tell you what time and where along the route you can join us. .


Many families requested better and more frequent communication between our school and families. We agree and are dedicated to addressing and improving school-to-home communication this year.

Here are a few things we have planned to improve communication:

  • Weekly update emails from the principal to all enrolled and interested families.
  • The school calendar is posted on the school’s website on the Parents page.
  • Events and announcements are posted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • ClassTag notices and flyers are being sent out.
  • A monthly newsletter which will include a calendar with upcoming events as well as other around-school happenings
  • Creating a system for better communication of academic achievement, recognition, and behaviors.
  • Establishing a “communication czar” among staff to help ensure that all families have the info they need to make good decisions.
  • We also are seeking your feedback on the most effective communication avenues to ensure you receive the information you need. As always, if you have specific requests as to your personal communication needs, just contact the office.

Report Cards

As most of you are aware, ARCHES does not grade or report grades in the traditional public school way. Unfortunately, this has led to some miscommunication about where students stand in their academic achievement. It is vital to us that you have clear and effective communication on this topic. We have commissioned a new reporting database that will be available to all families at all times. You will be able to log in and see your student’s standing on all academic standards. It will be easy to read and you will easily be able to figure out what skills your child is working on and what they need help with. It will even make it possible for you to work ahead with them. We will be giving you login credentials as soon as they are available so you can begin accessing the system and looking around.

We love serving you and can’t wait for all the exciting changes to kick in this year so we can start serving you and your children even better. If you have other ideas, please let us know. Continuous improvement is part of our culture here at ARCHES!

About ARCHES Academy

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