We Applaud You: Recognition at ARCHES Academy

We Applaud You: Recognition at ARCHES Academy

There is no greater joy for teachers and staff at ARCHES Academy than seeing our students grow and achieve their goals. Students at ARCHES Academy work hard every day, and because our transformative model encourages students to take responsibility for their learning, our students know just where they stand and where they need to go. We believe ownership over learning is the highest motivation but we also love to recognize students for their efforts and success at ARCHES.

Students at ARCHES Academy are allowed to progress at their own rate rather than within a set time frame for everyone their age. Students may advance quickly through some skills while needing more time on a different set of skills. Our unique advancement system promotes students when they have completed a level of mastery. Within each level, various milestones are acknowledged and celebrated.

We believe that celebrating student authentic accomplishments often and regularly promotes a positive school climate, as well as feelings of self-worth and confidence. Each Monday, we hold a recognition ceremony to applaud students for both academics and character development. The joy students exude when they level up or are recognized for their positive character traits is so rewarding. Equally as exciting is watching students cheer on their peers!

Our character education program, the Leader in Me, provides a multitude of opportunities to honor character growth. The daily lessons and affirmations are in line with our values and Warrior Ethos. We give out a Leader in Me Award each week to students who set a good example both in and out of class. In addition to awards for leveling up to a new mastery level, ARCHES students receive awards for demonstrating our 4 values: Honor, Courage, Strength, and Discipline.

A testament to our close-knit, positive school culture, we also have a unique award called Vomit Shoes. We applaud hard work, so, in honor of a person who worked so hard to run 2 miles that they vomited on their shoes, we give this award weekly to a student who is showing us their grit and commitment!

At our weekly awards ceremonies, students receive certificates to commemorate their work. Our awards are categorized into three certificate levels:

  • A) Bronze (certificate): For demonstrating traits like improvement or kindness
  • B) Silver (certificate + full size candy bar): For moving up a level in a subject
  • C) Gold (certificate + a ticket to our monthly Warrior Banquet): For demonstrating the 4 values or receiving Leader in Me (setting a good example) or Vomit Shoes awards

Every ARCHES student keeps track of their progress in a binder that holds an agenda, their goals, tracking sheets, mission statement, and a unique victory section. The victory section contains the certificates they earn, letters from their teachers, assignments they are proud of, a part for Strengths Others See, and a letter from parents. We think this personalized cheering section, complete with student goals, strengths, and successes, acts as a great reminder when students face challenges that they can do hard things!

At ARCHES, we are at our best when we come together to celebrate and lift each other up. When you join our small, K-8 school, you become part of a community that cares about the success of each child. It’s not too late to enroll at ARCHES--we think you’ll love it here.

About ARCHES Academy

Our commitment is to help each K-8 learner achieve mastery of the standards by use of authentic learning experiences, coaching and mentoring, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility. At ARCHES Academy, our educational approach produces outstanding individuals who not only have acquired exceptional literacy in the arts and sciences, but mastery over self and true leadership ability. Enrolling K-8 tuition-free today!