Safety is our Top Priority

Safety is our Top Priority

It’s been a wonderful start to our school year at ARCHES! There is joy on the playground and in classrooms as students and teachers greet each other. We are thankful to be together, learning in person this year.

Now and always, we promise that your child’s safety is our number one priority. We would like to extend our support to you during these uncertain times and hope to alleviate any concerns you may have. Read on for updates on our health and safety precautions for this year.

Building Safety

As always, ARCHES Academy’s small class size means more space for students to spread out and get comfortable. We can easily keep 3ft of physical distance, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our spacious dining area also has more than enough room to spread out while eating and 20ft ceilings help with ventilation, too.

Over the summer, our entire facility was deep cleaned, including a special, state-of-the-art process guaranteed to eliminate any traces of Covid 19 that may have been present. You probably noticed the sparkle when you arrived! Thank you to our hard-working staff who keep our facility in great shape and clean for everyone who enters. We also have high-quality filters on our HVAC system that are monitored and cleaned regularly.

Image of ARCHES Academy yellow school bus adorned with a banner stating Now Enrolling K-8th Grade

For students who use school transportation, our bus has enough space to keep students at the recommended 3ft of distance. We want your child safe for the entire time they are in our care.

Personal Safety Precautions

We’ve learned a lot in the last few years about how to reduce the spread of viruses. Here are a few of the extra things we are doing to promote health and sanitation in our building:

  • Enhanced sanitation procedures with high-touch areas sanitized often
  • Students have their own supplies to minimize sharing
  • Hygiene training for all students and staff on how to wash hands and sneeze properly
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the school
    ARCHES Academy will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and the Arizona Department of Health. In line with the State of Arizona, masks are not required but are allowed and we will not require proof of vaccination status. We will not be wearing masks when outside or during PE.

Planning for the Unexpected

We want to minimize the chance that students will have to be out of school this year. Teachers will assist in a visual health inspection upon arrival at school each morning. If a student looks visibly ill, an adult will check his/her temperature. If a child exhibits symptoms, they will be isolated and sent home until we can be assured that their presence does not create a health risk for themselves or others

If a student has contact with someone who tests positive, they are asked to quarantine 10 days from the date of exposure or when we can reasonably be certain that presence at school does not pose a risk to others.

ARCHES Academy student in uniform smiles in front of his science fair project while other students browse the projects

Addressing Learning Gaps

Conversations across the country have turned to concern over learning gaps for students due to the rollercoaster that we all experienced. All children will have some sort of learning gap if they were in and out of regular, in-person school. The good news is that ARCHES Academy is designed to address gaps. Our unique mastery approach means that we are always aware of our student’s strengths and needs and where they need to go next.

We personalize learning to tailor each student’s curriculum to his or her needs. ARCHES teachers use assessments to figure out where each student is and help them move forward from there. We set goals and work towards them at a child’s unique pace of development-- you won’t have to worry about your child catching up with the class or being bored. Our students can continue to make steady progress toward their individual goals.

As always, communication with you, our families, is central to a successful year. You can count on us to be in touch frequently about the health of our school. And don’t hesitate to reach out to our school office if you have questions regarding our safety practices.

About ARCHES Academy

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