Patrols: Mentoring at ARCHES Academy

Patrols: Mentoring at ARCHES Academy

You’ve probably noticed by now that we do things differently at ARCHES Academy—and we’re proud of our unique approach that honors the whole child and gets results. Our small, intentionally designed tuition-free school is organized to bring out the best in each child.

The beauty of a small school with children ranging in age from kindergarten to 8th grade is the opportunity to foster cross-grade community and leadership skills. We love to watch friendships form between younger and older students. They have much to learn from each other! Our older students gain in mentoring younger students in both how our school runs and academic skills, while the younger students gain positive peer relationships and knowledge from the older students.

Patrol Groups

One of the ways we organize our day and foster community between students is with our Patrol groups. Every student at ARCHES is assigned to a Patrol. A Patrol is similar to the concept of a homeroom: Patrols meet Monday-Thursday mornings for 30 minutes and 60 minutes on Fridays. Each Patrol has a cross-section of our age groups, with 9 to 12 students in each group.

Each patrol has an adult mentor leader and a student leader. The adult mentors check in on the group and make sure they have what they need. The student leaders rotate through the school year and represent their patrol at the Patrol Leader’s Council. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring ideas, questions, and concerns to the principal. Student leaders also get the chance to represent their patrol in [assemblies]().

To differentiate Patrols and create pride in our groups, each Patrol chose a critter mascot: Mustangs, Snow Leopards, Otters, Wolves, Beavers, and Orcas. During Patrol, students engage in leadership lessons, prepare skits for assembly, and plan community service projects.

Care for Our Community

In line with our ethos of service to our community, Patrols each adopt a local agency or partner to serve during the year. We love creating connections between our school and the greater community that support people (and sometimes animals!) in need. Some examples of projects we are working on this year include:

  • Military letters and care packages
  • Hope Women's Center (collecting supplies)
  • Genesis Project Food Bank (collecting food)
  • Paws and Claws Animal Shelter (collecting supplies)

We consistently find that organizing our students in multi-age Patrol groups is beneficial for everyone! It’s a win/win for students, teachers, and our community and it’s just another example of how ARCHES is rethinking education to create compassionate, well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

About ARCHES Academy

Our commitment is to help each K-8 learner achieve mastery of the standards by use of authentic learning experiences, coaching and mentoring, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility. At ARCHES Academy, our educational approach produces outstanding individuals who not only have acquired exceptional literacy in the arts and sciences, but mastery over self and true leadership ability. Enrolling K-8 tuition-free today!