Learning and Loving to Read

Learning and Loving to Read

When children fall in love with reading, they explore worlds unknown, ask questions to uncover mysteries, or empathize with a character in new ways. Reading is exciting and FUN!

An ARCHES Academy student and teacher read together in class

At ARCHES Academy, we know that an early foundation of reading can unlock doors and pave the path to academic success. We believe that strong reading teaching builds strong readers, communicators, and lifelong learners. ARCHES students receive a high-quality reading education that encourages a love of reading for both pleasure and information. We help our students LOVE to read and be confident in their abilities!

Learning to Read

Readers flourish when given the time and attention from highly qualified teachers. That’s why our instructors are reading teachers FIRST. Current research shows that reading ability plateaus in the 4th grade year across the nation, the traditional timeframe to switch from learning HOW to read to reading to LEARN. We reverse this trend by using scientifically backed practices that focus on the structure of language.

Guided reading at ARCHES Academy supports your child's reading skills in a developmentally appropriate way. Small groups, with a teacher at the lead, provide students with personalized instruction on phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. Teachers use assessment data to ensure your child will always be working at the optimal level for growth.

If it sounds like rocket science, that’s because it is! Good reading teaching is backed up by the science of how the brain interacts with language and practical strategies to support young learners.

Our teachers know the power of a good read-aloud and use quality literature to help characters come alive, deepen subject-based learning, and increase vocabulary. Great storytelling is not only entertaining but can also teach important life lessons by introducing students to stories that provoke critical thinking.

Does your child need a little extra support to learn to read? The beauty of our come-as-you-are program, where students are grouped by their needs, not grade level, means that your student will always be working where he or she needs to be. If your student has an IEP plan for reading, our inclusion model ensures that classroom teachers work closely with our special education department to streamline instruction and reduce gaps.

Reading to Learn

As our students grow, we shift our focus to creating and encouraging independence. Our middle school students love choice and feeling in control of their learning, so instruction at this age shifts to helping students find their reading motivation.

ARCHES Academy student smiles at the camera during independent reading time

We still teach students to read, but now we get to deep dive into the subject areas. In science, students explore the physical world by reading non-fiction text. In language arts, poetry is used to foster a love of words and ideas. And in social studies, biographies and historical fiction help students step back in time to understand what life was like in the past.

ARCHES Academy teachers use reading materials that span varying difficulties and genres, while also including texts that represent the backgrounds, needs, and interests of our students. Choice in books, along with a caring teacher who can make great recommendations, helps middle school students find a book that is just right for them!

We love to read at ARCHES and know that we can also help your child find the reading key to unlock doors to their academic success!

About ARCHES Academy

Our commitment is to help each K-8 learner achieve mastery of the standards by use of authentic learning experiences, coaching and mentoring, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility. At ARCHES Academy, our educational approach produces outstanding individuals who not only have acquired exceptional literacy in the arts and sciences, but mastery over self and true leadership ability. Enrolling K-8 tuition-free today!