Kindergarten: Here We Come!

Kindergarten: Here We Come!

If you have a child near kindergarten age, you’ve probably asked yourself if your child is “ready for school”. Conversations with other parents may turn to talk of summer vs. fall birthdays or of keeping up with peers vs. being bored. Maybe you’ve even heard the term “red-shirting” used for delaying kindergarten by a year (a term borrowed from sports to mean that a child prolongs entry to kindergarten so they will have a more successful experience).

Gone are the days of children walking to their neighborhood school the minute they turn 5 years old—Parents now consider many factors when it comes time to starting kindergarten, including a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional readiness. Schools also play a part in this decision-making process, with some even requiring a kindergarten assessment or a readiness survey. They may want to know how many letters your child knows, if they know their address, or if they can cut in a straight line.

ARCHES Academy knows that you have a lot to consider when it comes to sending your child to kindergarten. That’s why, instead of asking your child to be ready for school, we have prepared our school to be ready for your child.

Three ARCHES Academy students and one teacher smile at the camera while working at a table

What does ARCHES consider ready?

The only requirement to enter kindergarten at ARCHES Academy is that a child must be 5 years old by December 31. But, at ARCHES Academy, we also consider the whole child who walks through our doors. We know that children are not one-size-fits-all and that development happens at their own pace. Maybe your child already knows the entire alphabet but finds sharing toys a challenge. Or maybe your child is a social butterfly who learns best through play. We believe that the whole child can blossom when both strengths and areas of development are nurtured in an individualized way.

ARCHES Academy views kindergarten as a time to introduce children to the structures, routines, and content of school, without pressure to perform. Kindergarten children are curious and inquisitive, exuberant and enthusiastic and our teachers plan their days to celebrate these wonderful traits!

As a parent, you undoubtedly want to help your child have the smoothest transition to school as possible. If you find yourself struggling with whether or not your child is ready to attend, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is your child ready to be away from Mom & Dad all day?
  • What type of schedule is your child used to?
  • Is your child excited and ready for more time at school, or is it still a bit overwhelming?

And even if you aren’t sure your child has met all the criteria above, our caring, supportive teachers and staff are here to meet your child where he/she is and support them to make kindergarten the gentle, caring experience we have come to love and expect.

ARCHES Academy students play jump rope on the playground

Kindergarten at ARCHES Academy

We are proud to offer a full-day kindergarten program at ARCHES Academy that includes all the art, music, and physical education time that our upper school students receive. Our teachers know that young children are most focused and ready in the morning, which is why we plan for literacy and math instruction first.

And, because our teachers know the power of play, learning at ARCHES Academy is hands-on, exploratory, and FUN. Play is how children learn in their most natural state—through social interactions, creating, exploring, and pushing their limits in a safe environment. Learning doesn’t feel hard when you are having fun, which is why our children love coming to kindergarten!

Even if your child isn’t napping anymore, we know that breaks are essential to allow growing brains and bodies to rest, so we schedule brain breaks throughout the day. Worried your child might fall asleep after lunch? We can accommodate a nap time, as needed, to help your child adapt to a full day. Interested in a shorter day kindergarten? We can make that happen, too, with our 1/2 Day Option.

We know the decision to start kindergarten is a personal one. Wherever you are in the process, ARCHES Academy is ready to meet your child where he/she is. We invite you to discover all that ARCHES Academy can do for your kindergartener!

About ARCHES Academy

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