ARCHES Academy announces open enrollment for 2021-22 school year

ARCHES Academy announces open enrollment for 2021-22 school year

This article originally published in the Apache Junction Independent on May 7, 2021. Link to article here.

ARCHES Academy, a K-8 charter school in Apache Junction, has launched open enrollment for the 2021-22 school year and will accept applications until the first day of school on July 26.

Up to 75 slots are available for students of all grades at the school, 1150 W. Superstition Blvd. It was launched two years ago on the ideals of America’s founding fathers, according to a release.

“At ARCHES Academy, our approach to education focuses on the humanities and sciences, and how to think rather than what to think,” Michelle Edwards, founder and principal, said in the release. “This honors each student’s personal interests and encourages problem-solving.”

With an emphasis on mastery-based education — also known as competency-based education — ARCHES Academy students learn at their own pace. Each student has a student learning plan customized to their needs and students are clustered into four groups serving nine grades, rather than in grade-specific classrooms. The school tracks each student’s progress carefully to move students forward as soon as they are able, the release states.

“ARCHES Academy is an especially good choice for students who find the idea of moving at their own pace to be appealing or those for whom individualized, hands-on education would be helpful,” Ms. Edwards said. “We endeavor to teach the whole child — heart, mind, body and spirit. Our small class sizes allow our committed and caring teachers to truly know and meet each K-8 student where they are in their educational journey.”

ARCHES Academy operates in two buildings with flexible spaces. Along with four classrooms and offices, the school has a large auditorium with portable seating, a well-stocked library, an art room, a study hall and a dining area. ARCHES Academy also has its own school buses providing students with free transportation to and from school, the release states.

ARCHES Academy is one of the only schools in the area to have provided in-person learning five days per week during the pandemic, as allowed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s orders. Prior to opening for the 2020-21 school year, ARCHES Academy developed a COVID-19 protocol that emphasized school sanitation procedures, and staff and student hygiene and health guidelines, all of which have allowed the school to successfully provide uninterrupted in-person learning, the release states.

“Our commitment is to help each K-8 learner achieve mastery of the standards by use of authentic learning experiences, coaching and mentoring, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility,” according to the release. “At ARCHES Academy, our educational approach produces outstanding individuals who not only have acquired exceptional literacy in the arts and sciences, but mastery over self and true leadership ability.”

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