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Learn More, By Doing More at ARCHES Academy

At ARCHES Academy we believe in understanding our students’ preferred learning styles so we can make individual learning plans that cater specifically to each child. After an assessment, we are able to create a personalized day-to-day class schedule based on each student’s needs. A commonality we’ve noticed is that children tend to learn faster and are more successful by doing more during the teaching process.

“Learning by doing” refers to students interacting and participating in order to learn in a deeper and longer-lasting way. American philosopher John Dewey originally experimented, researched, and presented this theory and it was later adopted by leading educators throughout the country.

"I believe that the school must represent present life-life as real and vital to the child as that which he carries on in the home, in the neighborhood, or on the playground." — John Dewey (My Pedagogic Creed)

ARCHES Academy has adopted this hands-on approach and implements it throughout our curriculum. We teach math in small groups with 30 minutes of instruction. Instead of having the children sit still and listen the whole time, we break it down to ten minutes of teaching the skill, ten minutes of actually using the skill how it would be used in “real life”, and ten minutes of review.

ARCHES students in class doing a project

Learning by doing encourages active engagement with available materials which forces students to work harder which helps ingrain knowledge into their memories. Research has shown traditional learning techniques are often stored in our short-term memory. In order to process a lesson into long-term memory it is more effective to teach the lesson in several formats. Hands-on learning is arguably the most successful way of teaching.

Our methods produce outstanding individuals whose academic and personal growth are beyond expectations. Join us for the 2021-2022 school year, ARCHES Academy is enrolling K-8 now.

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