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Community Galore!

At ARCHES Academy our small class sizes allow our committed and caring teachers to truly know and meet each K-8 student where they are in their educational journey. A big part of what makes our time together so positive is all the fun we have together. Festivals and events abound, as well as fundraisers, carnivals, and academic showcases.

Recently we have been busy. We’ve hosted a family movie night, a science fair, and a library service day. Thousands of books were donated to our school and we worked hard organizing and shelving for our avid ARCHES readers.

During our science fair our students joyously presented their findings about volcanoes, pollination, fossils, bubbles and more. Our ARCHES Academy scientists outlined their purpose, hypothesis, result and conclusion with true expertise!

We also enjoyed our spring arts festival -- which includes a concert and art show, and our always popular spring carnival! Our Arts Festival includes a wide variety of paintings exploring art concepts such as negative space, pattern, texture, tessellations, and color blending. For the concert, we focus on fun, forward-thinking songs that uplift our moods and get us thinking about the positive impact we can make on the world. Our students enjoy presenting the music, and showing off their American Sign Language talents!

At ARCHES Academy, our approach to education focuses on the humanities and sciences, and how to think rather than what to think. This honors each student's personal interests and encourages problem-solving. We teach the whole child: heart, mind, body, and spirit. Our community events honor our approach, too.

ARCHES Academy science fair students studying butterflies

We also recognize how children come into the world with intelligence, talents, and interests that are unique to them. By the time students enter the world of formal education, they have already accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and skills, and a keen sense for how they prefer to learn. Because we understand and honor this individuality and natural proclivity for learning, we ably focus on students’ academic growth and enrichment needs. Whatever fun, educational or community-focused events we are hosting at ARCHES Academy, we welcome the opportunity to expand our learning and celebrate together!

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