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Leadership Curriculum Philosophy
Character Development and Leadership: Something for Everybody

Honor, courage, strength, and discipline are values to live by. ARCHES Academy teaches about the importance of these core values and builds positive character traits and confident and competent leaders using several exciting and dynamic methods.

The root of our program revolves around the Warrior Ethos by Jason Mow. This set of 14 affirmations define truly heroic behavior and the characteristics of warrior culture, which instill universally accepted and easily recognized values. Our students find their inner warrior as they incorporate these affirmations into their lives.

Warrior Ethos

In addition to the Warrior Ethos, we ascribe to The Leader in Me program, produced by FranklinCovey. This program, building on Steven R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is used in almost 3200 schools worldwide.

One of the defining characteristics of this Leader in Me program, and one that best fits the ARCHES model, is its high dependence on data. We teach students, as well as school personnel, how to create goals, collect data, and apply their data to track their progress and goals.

Girl constructing wooden model

Each ARCHES K-8 student keeps their own notebook of data, relevant to their personal goals and progress. Our students understand where they are in relation to expectations and have an action plan to help them reach higher. When goals are achieved, new goals are set. And we celebrate! We embrace this system because it is so effective in helping our students take ownership of their own education and accept personal responsibility for their own learning. Win win.

Students at ARCHES Academy explore the principles and skills of the Warrior Ethos and The Leader in Me during a 30-minute class each school day . Additionally, all ARCHES faculty and staff are trained in these affirmations, and model them across campus.

Another exciting aspect of the Leader in Me program is that students are not only expected, but actually equipped to take on real leadership roles within the school and the larger world around them. Each ARCHES student has, in one capacity or another, a meaningful leadership role at our school.

Veterans Day School Assembly

Our ARCHES Academy leadership roles may be in an area of confidence or in an area where the student has self-identified as challenging; the roles are as varied as the students. Some students will be chosen to be ambassadors for the school, giving tours to guests, prospective future students and families. Others will have roles within the classrooms as peer tutors, materials managers, data collectors, and more.

All ARCHES K-8 students have the opportunity to help plan and participate in school-wide leadership events. The roles themselves are less important than the idea that the role holds meaning for the child and allows each unique ARCHES student to practice and demonstrate their leadership qualities. We also have a traditional student council, but leadership will never be restricted to a few at ARCHES.

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