Our Curriculum

ARCHES is committed to providing the best curricula available in each content area with constant attention paid to improving the educational outcomes of students in our school community. The curricula ARCHES has selected are strong and standards-based and will provide the foundation of learning that will allow our students not only to acquire new knowledge and skills but also to apply them to new situations and tasks.

Warrior Ethos

The Warrior Ethos by Jason Mow is a set of statements/affirmations that set kids, and all people, up for success. These statements define truly heroic behavior and universally accepted values such as Honor, Strength, Courage, and Discipline.

The Leader in Me

It is clear that not all students will end up in leadership positions in their careers, however, we maintain that leadership is about more than position. True leadership is about self-mastery first and includes skills such as time-management, planning, teamwork, and goal-setting. These are life skills that are so necessary in today’s world but are so rarely taught. We will teach these skills through the Leader in Me and the Warrior Ethos.

Spalding Method

Language arts will be taught in three 30-minute segments: Spelling, Reading, and Writing. The Spalding Method for language arts instruction is recognized across the US and Europe for its effectiveness in phonics-based reading and spelling instruction. It teaches students the “why” behind the coding of our language. Writing, which will be combined with Grammar, will be taught using the Shurley English curriculum.


Math-U-See is currently used primarily by home-schoolers and in school intervention programs. We have adopted it because it progresses very gradually from skill to skill without preconceived starting and stopping places for each grade level (which ARCHES does not recognize) and is designed to be taught in small groups with concrete manipulatives.

Core Knowledge

Science and Social Studies will be taught using the Core Knowledge sequence. This curriculum provides history and geography as well as physical, earth, and life sciences at appropriate levels and with supports that allow extensive integration across all the curricula.