ARCHES Academy is a new approach to education in a time when many people agree that one is badly needed.

The old way of grouping students together just because they are all the same age has resulted in far too many students that are either struggling to keep with their peers and giving up on themselves or bored because they have already mastered the material and are now causing trouble to entertain themselves.

Our focus is on the needs of individual students. We show this focus by grouping our K-8 students according to their demonstrated ability in each content area.

This means that students get the instruction they need in each subject. We also track student progress carefully so that we can move students forward as soon as they are able, meaning they get to move at their own pace.

In addition, ARCHES Academy also provides a strong character and leadership development system that emphasizes universal values and truly heroic behavior as well as teaching real leadership skills such as effective listening, presentation/public speaking, time management, goal setting, etc.

Enrollment is open now for the 2022-23 school year. Limited spots available. Enrollment is based on a first-come first-serve basis. To secure your child's spot, enroll today.

ARCHES academy has got both of my children at the levels they are supposed to be at. It’s a good school - all the teachers are nice, even the principal. I like the fact that they take their time to work one on one with the kids. My children came here and the middle of December and they have been coming here since then. I just love the fact that Faith and Issac are able to succeed and get better.

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